The Multi-Purpose Mirror Hall

Darovanský dvůr - zrcadlový sál

The latest addition to the range of our services is the new multi-purpose exercise hall, opened in 2010. It may be used for various kinds of fitness exercises. Adjacent to the hall, there are changing rooms and a parlour suitable for meditation and other similar exercises. The front wall of the hall is fitted with mirrors allowing the control of movements during the exercises.

The multi-purpose hall is entirely separate from the main building of the hotel and the congress centre. Situating the accommodation in four buildings means the privacy of participants in other relaxation programmes is protected. The building where the multi-purpose hall is situated also offers 25 beds in 11 rooms. Thus the participants of smaller events may have the entire building at their own disposal.

After sporting activities and demanding exercise, our guests may enjoy relaxation in our new wellness centre Vitální svět (World of Vitality), built in the ancient style. Your exhausted body will welcome various massages.

Darovanský dvůr - zrcadlový sál

The natural landscape in the vicinity is ideal for cycling, jogging, walks in the woods, playing tennis, horseback riding or playing ball games in our football (soccer) field, playing table tennis, petanque, etc.

Let us take you into an oasis of a new lifestyle. You may find peace and balance, being slowly drifted away on the waves of relaxation, relief and rest. Visit us to get rid of stress and tension, to improve your health and regain your stamina. You can increase your physical and mental efficiency. You body will be humoured in the middle of a world of absolute peace – even multiplied by the combination of lights, aromas and pleasant music. At the end of a stay in the World of Vitality, you will experience harmony and joy.

Welcome to the World of Vitality.


How to reach us?

Darová 3, 338 24 Břasy

tel.: +420 371 740 716

tel.: +420 371 740 711

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