Darovanský dvůr - wellness

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Due to our hectic way of life, we wish to step aside for a moment, and the wish becomes stronger and stronger. Stress at home, stress at work, inner fear and unease – each one makes us weak or even causes physical illnesses. The more things we must carry on our shoulders, the more we feel the need to turn off and relax.

One of the proved ways of relaxation is „wellness“, which means „to feel good in your body and mind.“ Wellness is a hit – becoming a philosophy and a way of life. Ancient Romans already knew this, and what is more – they would practise it. The Roman baths were not only a place for hygiene and relaxation but a meeting point for debates and celebrations.

We are well aware of the fact that our modern life style emphasizes not only physical and mental performance but overall mental and physical balance as well. Wellness is an important means of achieving such balance and enjoying it. At this point, we can proudly claim that the offer of our resort is really rich and unique.

Darovanský dvůr - wellness

Darovanský dvůr Resort offers both active wellness (i.e. a wide range of sports activities, especially a golf course, tennis courts, swimming, horse-riding, bowling, laser games and a lot of other activities) and the newly introduced group of relaxing, rehabilitating and health services – passive wellness.


How to reach us?

Darová 3, 338 24 Břasy

tel.: +420 371 740 716

tel.: +420 371 740 711

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