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The unique facilities are situated in the main building of the Kongres Hotel. The rooms are built in the Roman style, with beautiful mosaic interiors and light effects. The most important part is the atmosphere – as it is the atmosphere of the World of Vitality that influences all senses. There are abundant options for physical and mental relaxation and rehabilitation. The peaceful World of Vitality is full of life – since the peace is enhanced by a combination of lights, sounds and aromas.

The World of Vitality offers relaxing and rehabilitating procedures

Roman steam bath

A room full of steam with natural essences. The temperature in the room is 40°C – 50°C. The air humidity is 70 – 90%. The body is exposed to complex effects of heat and moisture – even the seats are heated. The procedure helps to improve the immune system, the blood circulation, clear the airways and the complexion and brings relief from tension in your nerves and muscles. After a steam bath, we recommend cooling the body – taking a shower or a brief swim in the swimming pool.

Herb inhalation

A room full of steam with the pleasant aroma of various herbs. The temperature in the steam cabin is between 40 and 45°C, the air humidity is 65 – 75%. Inhalation of natural aroma essences clears the airways and promotes the blood circulation.

Salt inhalation

A room full of steam into which saltwater spray is added in the form of a fine mist. It works well not only for the body heating and sweating: the tiny droplets of saltwater are absorbed through the skin and the airways mucosa. The procedure effectively regenerates the skin (especially useful when suffering from eczema), relieves and clears the airways, and improves the immune system. Temperature 45 – 50°C, air humidity 75 – 85%.


A room lined with wood, equipped with a sauna heater capable of heating the room up to 75°C – 85°C. Air humidity 25 – 35%. A sauna brings relief to muscles and relaxation to a stressed brain. Fast heating and cooling down is repeated several times.

Cooling swimming pool – frigidarium

Used for cooling the body after the sauna procedure. The fast cool-down improves mood, promotes the blood circulation and results in general relief.

Summer rain

Complete cooling of the body with cold water that will refresh the body and evoke the atmosphere of natural rain.

Ice well

A chalice with drift ice. Increases blood circulation in the skin by chafing against ice will balance the inner overheating in the body.


Whipping the body with an intensive flow of cold and lukewarm water. It is designed for cooling and conditioning of the organism after heat therapy.


A whirling swimming pool adjusted for sitting and hydro-massage with massage jets. One of the most popular wellness procedures. The temperature of the water is 34 – 38°C.

Night sky

Meditation on a bed formed of heated silica pebbles under the night sky with changing colours will evoke the sensation of a beach. Clears and calms down your mind.

Kneipp's bath

Foot massage: by stepping in a round swimming pool, in cold and warm water in turn, accompanied with pleasant massage with pebbles at acupressure points on the soles. The therapy is useful when suffering from headaches or syndrome of cold feet, and positively influences the blood circuit and the blood circulation in extremities – leads to conditioning.


Turkish bath to clear and massage your body by exfoliating, epilating with a rough glove, followed by a wash in hot water.

Amor’s chamber for two

Relaxing, pampering and meditation. An intimate room for undisturbed relaxing.


Room for relaxing equipped with heated couchettes, with beautiful and calming interior and temperature 28-32°. The result is a pleasant sensation of relaxing, dreaming, and perhaps sleeping. Recommended for the final relaxation and calming down of the body.


A special dry bath with truly impressive interior. Relaxation room, temperature 32 – 36°C, designed for lazing and for calming the body, even in bigger groups.

Warm benches

Designed for relaxing and social conversation.

Massage (various types)

Sport, relaxing, health.

The overall experience follows from a combined use of all services. Therefore, all rooms in the World of Vitality are available for visitors as a whole (it is not possible to order the individual procedures separately – with the exception of massages).

At the entrance to the World of Vitality, you are provided with a bed sheet, breechcloth, and beach shoes. On request and after payment of a returnable deposit you can hire a bathrobe and a towel as well. The changing room is equipped with boxes and lockers to store your personal belongings. You can keep your valuables safe in the safe at the hotel reception. You enter the World of Vitality through the changing room. Before any procedure, visitors must take a good shower. If in doubt, a professional attendant may assist you or explain how to use or operate the facilities.

Fruit and natural water are included in the price.

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