The outside terraces and the lawn by the pond underneath the chestnut trees are the most popular places for sitting in the summer. The terraces are popular places to relax and are often used during corporate events with a cultural or sporting programme. The seating capacity on the terraces is far greater than the seating capacity of the hotel itself. They have become an integral part of the courtyard and enhance the overall atmosphere of the area.

Terraces by the Kongres & Golf Hotel

Darovanský dvůr - venkovní terasy

The main hotel has two large terraces. The east terrace is linked to the restaurant and leads to the courtyard, offering a pleasant seating area on the lawn by the pond underneath the hundred-year-old chestnut trees. Since the terrace is linked to the courtyard, the seating capacity is more or less unlimited. It is quite common for events for more than 200 people to take place here, such as major commercial golfing tournaments with an entertainment programme or team-building sports events. The west terrace of the hotel is linked to a convention hall and extends to a golf course. It provides beautiful views over the lawns of the golf course and the romantic sunsets over the Berounka River. The terrace is used, in particular, during various social events and meetings organised in the convention hall.

The terrace by the Golf Restaurant

Darovanský dvůr - venkovní terasy

The picturesque building of the former servants’ kitchen offers outside seating on the southern side of the building facing the courtyard, and on the northern side facing the golf course. The small southern terrace facing the courtyard with the pond and chestnut trees is used, in particular, to sit back, enjoy the sun and observe life in the courtyard.

The large northern terrace with an open fire and seating for up to 120 people is linked to the restaurant. The terrace is sheltered by a light, glazed wooden construction. It faces the golf course directly, and has an excellent view of Hole no. 9 with a water area. Guests can enjoy a close view of the golf players on the green. The terrace is popular, in particular, with golfers and groups of guests who come to enjoy barbecue parties.

Grassy area underneath the chestnut trees by the pond

Darovanský dvůr - venkovní terasy

This area has become an integral and dominant part of the courtyard. The well kept lawn underneath the old chestnut trees is used by guests for relaxation. It is a place where children play and it is a good place to unwind. The beautiful area is used for informal wedding ceremonies, which are becoming increasingly popular.

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