Kongress Restaurant

Hotel Restaurant

The restaurant caters to large groups of guests, and during bad weather and in the winter it caters to individual guests and golf players.

The restaurant is furnished in a modern style and it has 150 seats. The space is divided into smaller areas with movable screens made of solid wood, which provides peace and privacy to our guests. The restaurant premises are adjacent to the convention hall, which makes it possible to cater for up to 300 people. The flexibility of the space enables a combination of a formal dinner party and an entertainment programme, when an entire orchestra can be arranged to come and play for a party. A well supplied lobby bar forms part of the restaurant. The lobby bar is separated from the rest of the restaurant by movable screens providing privacy for the bar guests.

Guests might like to enjoy the pleasant seating area in the sunny part of the restaurant, furnished in blue in colonial style. This area links the restaurant directly to an outside terrace and the grassy area by the pond underneath the chestnut trees.

Sporting events can be shown on a big screen if required by the guests. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in the form of a buffet. Menus are also available.


How to reach us?

Darová 3, 338 24 Břasy

tel.: +420 371 740 716

tel.: +420 371 740 711

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