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The complex is situated in the beautiful countryside of the Berounka River not far from Pilsen, and not even an hour’s drive from Prague. Thanks to its unique character, the countryside was proclaimed a nature park in 1995. The Berounka River with its rugged valleys is the best preserved river in the whole of Bohemia. The river is sought after by water sports enthusiasts and the local countryside is a popular tourist destination. The ferry crossing across the river in the village of Darová, not far from the golf course, provides an unusual experience. This is the last manual ferry for passenger cars and trucks running all year round.

The nearby village of Liblín is a starting point for visits to the nature park of the Střela River, which is full of unforgettable experiences. Let’s just mention a possible trip to the romantic town of Rabštejn nad Střelou, which is the location where Tomáš Vorel shot his film Out of the City. There are many valuable Baroque sights in the region, including works by the architect Santini. The historical town of Plasy with the Metternich Crypt and a famous convent are situated nearby.

Tourist destinations, travel tips

Horní Berounka nature park– the best preserved river valley in Bohemia 0 km
Rokycany – a picturesque historical town, the main town of the district 15 km
Dobřív – a functional water mill dating from 1505 20 km
Pilsen – the largest brewery museum in Europe 24 km
Unique zoo and botanical gardens in Pilsen 28 km
Manětín – the Baroque jewel of Western Bohemia (Santini, Brandl) 45 km
Mariánská Týnice – Santini, Museum and Gallery of the Northern Pilsen Region 40 km
Kaceřov – a Renaissance manor house 15 km
Kozel – the best known and most visited manor house near Pilsen 28 km
Plasy – a world-famous convent, Chancellor Metternich’s town 30 km
Rabštejn nad Střelou – a romantic small town in the Horní Střela nature park 54 km
Křivoklát – royal castle 46 km
Karlštejn – royal castle 56 km


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