Darovanský dvůr is a newly reconstructed farmstead dating back to the 17th century. The farmstead has been owned by the Sinkule family for more than 100 years. It is situated in the beautiful, tranquil countryside of the Horní Berounka nature park not far from Pilsen, and it is easily accessible from the Pilsen – Prague motorway.

A little history to put the distinctive ambience of the resort of Darovanský dvůr into context

  • The first references of the homestead date back to 1274. The ancestors of the present owner ran the homestead from the 19th century till the Bolshevik expropriation of 1948.
  • The property was returned to the original owner in very poor shape, with the buildings in ramshackle condition. The reconstruction started in 1994. All the buildings and annexes are original and carefully reconstructed. The only new building is the main building of the Kongres hotel, built on the site of a former barn, which was destroyed by fire and never restored under the state management.
  • The greatest reminder of bygone days is the smoke kitchen with a stove, found in the restyled restaurant.
  • The vicinity too bears a traditional ambience, especially the valley of the Berounka River, which has, since the 1920s, been the destination of generations of Czech "tramps", a specific subculture of hikers, entranced by the romance of Westerns.
  • The reconstruction of Darovanský dvůr started in 1994 and its present look is the result of gradual renovation of the buildings and the background facilities. In 1996, the restyled restaurant with its smoke kitchen, erstwhile the servants’ quarters, was opened. Gradually, other buildings were reconstructed, and in 2003, a brand new building was finished, which houses the Congress Centre and provides comfortable accommodation.
  • The main milestone was 1998, when the public golf course was opened. Since 2001 new holes have been added, making Darovanský dvůr a renowned resort with a 27-hole championship golf course and a 9-hole public course including the necessary background.


How to reach us?

Darová 3, 338 24 Břasy

tel.: +420 371 740 716

tel.: +420 371 740 711

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