Doranovský dvůr - ubytování

The hotel offers accommodation in 100 rooms ***/****, with 238 beds in total.

The entire hotel complex is situated in the centre of a golf course above the Berounka River, and it is divided into four historical buildings and the Kongres & Golf Hotel main building. This provides privacy and peace to individual guests and families, as well as bigger groups and corporate programmes.

The rooms are ensuite, usually double, twin or triple. LUX rooms and apartments have a bath. All rooms are furnished with a satellite TV, phones with a direct dial numbers and Internet access. The hotel has several family apartments with separate entrances. There are also several luxury apartments with air-conditioning and a terrace offering beautiful views over the golf course. For newlyweds we have a romantic wedding apartment. All rooms in the LUX category have a minibar and a bathroom with a bath. For group events, in particular corporate events, we have a number of twin and single rooms. Our barrier-free rooms also cater to guests with impaired mobility.

The rooms in the main building are individually decorated, which enhances the unique environment of this place. The rooms in the historical buildings are furnished with solid wood furniture, creating a cosy atmosphere filled with the smell of wood.


How to reach us?

Darová 3, 338 24 Břasy

tel.: +420 371 740 716

tel.: +420 371 740 711

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