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The Club was founded in 1997 under the name Golf Club Plzeň. There were a driving range and 9 holes of the current public course with a total par of 27 available to the founding members. Many of the current members of the golf club learnt the „trade“ on this 9-hole course. The first Club Championships and first Club Tournaments were organised. Many members think fondly of these „prehistoric“ times of golfing in the club.

In 2001 the Club was renamed and became known as the Darovanský Dvůr Golf Club. Currently, there are more than 300 members and new members continue to join. New players are interested in the club, in particular, due to the reasonable prices for individual levels and membership categories, the annual membership and the junior and student memberships. Last but not least, the programme of membership benefits is also attractive to new members. The benefits include numerous discounts for other services provided by the Darovanský dvůr complex. New members are welcomed to the unique and friendly environment of the Club. Club members can enjoy the facilities and services provided by Darovanský dvůr for very reasonable prices.

The Darovanský dvůr Golf Club organises annual series of club championships, friendly tournaments and tournaments for children and teenagers. Each season ends with the now traditional Cross-Country Tournament, followed by a „Social Evening.“


How to reach us?

Darová 3, 338 24 Břasy

tel.: +420 371 740 716

tel.: +420 371 740 711

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